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to do it. Bad as it may be with the boat tied to the dock, when the boat is offshore and possibly miles from a safe haven, it can be devastating. Grease will not harm Ultra-X packing. installed or not, never think that the shafts cannot as to contain the spray. I have my boat on the hard for the winter, and sometime before re-launching I intend to repack the stuffing box (I've owned her for three years and have no idea how long it has been since repacking). 5,000 pre purchase surveys in addition to having conducted If the packing were to run dry by being overtightened, this twisting motion increases significantly, stressing the hose. When properly adjusted, stuffing boxes are designed to "leak" slightly at two to three drops per minute while the engine is running and the shaft is turning. We often see splash guards cut from a piece of hose That, because All parts are severly corroded. hundreds of boating accident investigations, including Subscription to the print version of BoatUS Magazine, 4% back on purchases from West Marine stores or online at, Discounts on fuel, transient slips, repairs and more at over 1,200 businesses, Deals on cruises, charters, car rentals, hotel stays and more…. With all the rust you can see, it’s pretty obvious that the packing in my stuffing box has been leaking excessively for some time. Repacking the stuffing box while the boat is on the hard seems to be less stressful for some folks and you might want to consider doing that if you are considering repacking. [See photos: SailNet Community - jameswilson29's Album: Winter repairs: replace stuffing box hose ] I removed the bolts from the coupling so there is a space now between the two plates. Charter Provisioning in the Covid-19 Era. had been corroded almost completely through. guard can be made from a variety of materials that Here's an illustrated step-by-step to help you do it right. To create an effective Note the water injection nipple at the top of the carbon ring. Stuffing box failure when a boat is left unattended at the dock will almost always result in a sinking. If you can't leave your hand on the fitting after the engine has run, that's an indication that it's been overtightened and you need to loosen the compression sleeve just a little. knowledge is still not so common. It may be possible to wrap the shaft and stuffing box with self-amalgamating tape, Rescue Tape, or one of those "miracle" underwater tapes advertised on TV. fires, sinkings, hull failures and machinery failure In 2012, David Pascoe has retired from marine surveying business at age 65. 2. I've found plenty of instructional help on the web for how to do it properly but I don't know the size of the flax to use for the Newport. This may sometimes be enough to stop, or reduce, water flow. engines, where the side of the generator engine block This short section of hose may be small, but vital to the safety of the boat. I measured the Plastic Stuffing Box with a pair of calipers and the shaft also. A stuffing box, also called a packing gland, doesn't have to leak much. Tutorial for how a sailboat shaft packing gland works, how to open it and how to repack it. Here's an illustrated step-by-step to help you do it right. If I repack it what is the proper way of doing so. Request a Quote. PMY Editors. Devoid of cooling water, the stuffing box packing will overheat, resulting in shaft damage or worse, or water will flood into the boat from the nipple hole or the hose — possibly both at the same time. up saving you thousands of dollars in unwanted damage. Remove all of the old packing using a pick or a packing-removal tool; it looks a bit like a corkscrew. This will often come out in complete rings, but sometimes if the packing has been in place for a long time, it may disintegrate. If possible, get a crew member to call for help on the radio while you do what you can to stem the flow. And what packing do I use? author of: In addition to readers in the United States, boaters and boat industry professionals worldwide from nearly 80 countries have purchased David Pascoe's books, since introduction of his first book in 2001. Water injection hose must also be appropriately suited to the task. Don’t adjust the stuffing box while running the engine in gear! look at a stuffing box while underway at speed, you couplings that will have to be cut off and replaced The stuffing box must never be overtightened as it's designed to leak a little. By Steve D Antonio. Sometimes a failure may not be with the actual hardware of the stuffing box itself but a failure of the hose that connects the stuffing box to the shaft log. While there is no proprietary stuffing box water injection hose per se, there are two options. easily preventable, that no boat owner should fail A marine surveyor, and holder of RYA Yachtmaster Ocean certification, BoatUS Magazine Associate Editor Mark Corke handles the magazine’s very popular Practical Boater section, keeping it full of easy-to-follow how-to articles. to get rid of that last inch of water, How Another is commonly called a face seal, where a special carbon ring is pressed under tension against a stainless-steel ring clamped to the shaft. 170 shamrock is leaking into the bilge I tightened some and still have a leak should I have do it when the shaft is turning? It is a reliable option to hold your packing seals and shaft as well as keep your pumping system from leaking. Join the discussion. Ratigan. The worse, your engines are ingesting that mist and severely Ninety percent of all sailboats with auxiliary inboard engines have a flexible stuffing box with traditional packing gland that usually goes unattended until … From "Hands-On Sailor" in our January 2008 issue. You can add to the It's not necessary to repack while it's on the hard, it's just less stressful if it's your first time doing it. Moreover, when you I am trying to repack my stuffing box and I am not sure how to do it. Figure in a few grand more for that damage. while surveyors have been warning boat owners about For the middle (2nd) ring I put in SynTef Teflon "Putty" which I got at West Marine. I made sure to set the box a little loose to allow the packing to break in. Conventional wisdom dictates that stuffing box hoses should be preemptively replaced approximately every five years or sooner if warranted. around your engine compartment can be, consider that The Stuffing Box.. Is a 1985! Is there a preferred type of packing ie: graphite verses another type? never have to look that way again. Often, where a traditional stuffing box is replaced with a dripless type, the hose can be transferred from the old to the new. Oh, and by the way, Under the compression sleeve are three or more rounds of packing material. I've always called it a stuffing box, now there is one more thing I have to adapt to . motors were damaged, along with a large number of The cooler your stuffing box runs, the longer shaft life you'll have. (Have not had the boat in the water yet) Does anyone know what size packing it takes? My assumption is that when the upper plate it loosened and raised up, I will have to get some tool between the shaft and the lower bronze rudder tube to dig the old stuffing out. By Steve D Antonio. There are two basic types of stuffing boxes commonly in use, although there are other alternatives, some of which we discuss below. Yours may have fewer — three is common on smaller shafts. Stuffing Box Packing. Some boats have V-drives where the stuffing box is located literally under the engine, making temporary repairs almost impossible. Pushing back on the bellows to allow a little water to weep between the two components helps flush out debris and cures the leak. deal of vibration going on in that area, so be sure It's very important to NOT overtighten this piece! More How To. New Charter Vacation Routines. Many prefer to lock the shaft or to keep the motor ticking over to avoid the possibility of overheating. the shaft, which continues to throw water upward from If the adjusting nut does not turn easily, use a pipe wrench on the stuffing box flange — located just forward of the hose — to keep the box from turning with the nut. Charter . A stuffing box of a sailing boat will have a stern tube that is slightly bigger than the prop shaft. "minor problem" had caused upwards of $15,000 David Pascoe is a second generation marine surveyor BrickBrock. Something called OCD. just a failure to install splash guards over the stuffing Also, if the stuffing box has water injection for cooling and lubrication, it may be possible for the sleeve that goes into the hose to seize to the shaft due to overheating and twist the hose until it breaches. Quote; Go to top ; Share this post. Push the new sections of packing into the packing gland. That's exactly how I repack my stuffing box and I've got a "thing" about keeping the gland in pristeen condition. By continuing to use our website, you’re agreeing to our cookie policy. Failures are not always with the shaft seal or stuffing box itself. Parts cataloges sell it in different sizes. guards haven't slipped out of position. Well-known examples are the PSS shaft seal from PYI and the LasDrop from Nautical Specialties, which also makes lip seals. Stuffing Boxes, Maintenance, Moreover, when you look at a stuffing box while underway at speed, you may not be able to actually see what is happening. Overview. Usually a square tube shape and made from flax, these materials sit in a sort of cup arrangement and wrap snuggly around the shaft. With GFO they claim temps up to the 125-130F range are technically safe for the packing. No part of the stuffing box or shaft adjacent to it should exceed more than 30°F above ambient seawater temperature, regardless of drip rate, while at any speed. Speaking of packing, you didn't mention what type you … 4 Replies 3 Participants Last post: Drewboy Sep 10, 2008. Over the lifetime of the boat, the transmission shifts from forward to reverse many hundreds of times. If the water keeps coming in at a rapid pace, you might have to repack the stuffing box or repeat the process of tightening and checking. To repack a stuffing box while in the water I have heard (but not personally tested) of people diving on the box and stuffing it with modeling clay (or a rag)from the outside to prevent (or at least slow down) the flow of water into the boat while changing the packing. But if you place your palm over Is this a valid assumption? Post May 17, 2010 #2 2010-05-17T18:44. Technical Support. buy 2 bottles of wine and use the corkscrew after you drink the first bottle to remove the material and open and drink the second bottle and remove the material. How To: Stuffing Box Upkeep. This doesn’t include butter and water, which you’ll need to make the stuffing, and olive oil, salt, and pepper, which … Perhaps the most common type consists of a stuffing box body attached to a special heavy-duty hose (attached to the shaft gland), a compression sleeve into which the stuffing is packed and which screws over the body, and a locking nut that locks the compression sleeve into place. The ingredients: Each recipe starts with 1 (6-ounce) box Stove Top Turkey Stuffing, although you can use an equal amount of your favorite boxed mix (Pepperidge Farm Herb Seasoned Stuffing is vegetarian). are brought to bear in following books. If a stuffing box is leaking excessively or drips when the boat is at rest, adjustment is necessary. 1. I replaced the entire stuffing box on my 88Hunter30 while it was in the water. Any entrapped air, with normal temps this high, can cause a big spike in box temp. or not, or whether you have "dripless" glands "Hands-On Sailor" by Steve D'Antonio from our November 2011 issue. I'm having the boat pulled this week for a bottom paint and I want to repack the stuffing box while I'm at it. To do this, loosen the locknut (depending on type, this may be the nut threaded around the body or lock washers on the bolts), tighten the adjustment sleeve a little, then retighten the locknut. December 4, 2008. Each variation calls for two ingredients to upgrade the boxed mix. David Pascoe is the I am trying to repack my stuffing box. A stuffing box separates the non-rotating parts from those that rotate. 2004 Super Air Nautique 210 Team Edition 1994 Ski Nautique (sold) 1979 Ski Nautique (sold) Tags: None. The importance of knowing the proper cleaning and packing procedures becomes evident during a shutdown event when you need to keep your pump running efficiently. box, but a failure to fit the guards correctly so The cooler your stuffing box runs, the longer shaft life you'll have. The importance of knowing the proper cleaning and packing procedures becomes evident during a shutdown event when you need to keep your pump running efficiently. Troubleshooting and Repairs, Maintenance, I know that bronze shafts can really get rough where they are exposed but if you re-pack with this shaft, be sure to clean the shaft as best you can before contaminating the new packing as it goes in. In fact, it may not be dripping at all while the boat is at rest, so that the owner may be misled by this fact into thinking that there is no problem. In fact, it may not be dripping at all while the boat is at rest, so that the owner may be misled by this fact into thinking that there is no problem. Certified by the National Association box that is throwing water around an engine room. 104 1. brucegorle. Sailing Totem: Bringing Holiday Spirit Cruising. Do not cut all the way through, or you could damage the shaft. More How To. give you an idea of just how costly the failure to Stuffing Box Packing. You will have to make final adjustments once the boat is back in the water, the engine has been run, and the packing allowed to settle in. Is "stuffing box" now deemed not PC? a huge amount of labor plus the costs of new couplings. There are three main components to a traditional stuffing box: the stuffing box body, the compression sleeve, and some method of locking the compression sleeve in place. If the stuffing box fails, water can fill the boat so fast that the bilge pump can't keep up, leading to sinking. CAUTION: Some stuffing boxes are rigidly attached to the hull, but most are connected to the shaft tube with a length of flexible hose. "Mid Size Power Boats": A Guide for Discreminating Buyers - by David Pascoe, Bilge Any suggestions on the kind of packin Packing for stuffing box - Catalina 42/425 Assoc Windlasses, Rusted Water Heaters, Deck Leaks, Upholstery With GFO they claim temps up to the 125-130F range are technically safe for the packing. I have seen this question, "how do I re-pack my stuffing box" posed literally hundreds of times, on different forums, and still no-one had a good photo based article on how to change the flax packing in an old school stuffing box. People. Orient each joint at 120 degrees to the preceding one to reduce unnecessary leaking. To make matters These two surfaces, where the shaft and packing meet, tend to polish each other and if over tightened can lead to pre-mature shaft wear or excessive heat. in his family who began his surveying career at age are few areas of neglect of a boat that can cause more © 2020 Boat Owners Association of The United States. I've heard about the PTFE products. To measure the new packing for length, wrap it around the shaft and partially score through with a sharp knife. There This particular stuffing box is a 1 inch box from a 1985 Catalina 36 and uses three rings 3/16 flax packing. The It will also have packing nut threads or a gland nut. Packing comes in different sizes depending on the size of the shaft; the larger the shaft, the bigger the packing required. no longer come apart and have to be cut. All because of a stuffing 1 - 5 of 5 Posts. Since when? Any larger, and you'll probably be looking at 3/8 inch. Leaking at the shaft seal tells me it's time to repack the "stuffing box" of our 83 Newport 28. Simply cut a piece of wire that is roughly the same length as the stuffing box depth, and then bend a short 90 deg "L" at one end. Service Your Stuffing Box. Save Share. we recently saw a generator set mounted between two Any thoughts of either the best tool or how to unfreeze the two nuts? reducing their life span. Post by ed c. » Sun Dec 13, 2015 11:33 pm I have been working on shafts since 1948 and there is only 1 way to take out the old material.

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