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Scotland travel tips in a nutshell; This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian) Roadtripping in Scotland is absolutely amazing Planning a trip to Scotland can be tricky, even if you’ve been thinking about it for the longest time. TripBucket Travel & Local. I’m glad you think being “invisible” a hip term and that you’re so like-minded about this! This helps with the costs of running my blog so I can keep my content free for you. A group run by Scotland locals and travel experts for anyone planning a trip to Scotland! My Account. The capital is Edinburgh and the largest city is Glasgow. SW Scotland and also the NE250 around Aberdeen is another alternative that’s been overlooked by many tourists. Best in Travel 2021. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Her dreams? When walking around our city streets, please don’t just stop suddenly to take photos (this is really a universal thing). Scotland Tourism: Tripadvisor has 5,413,032 reviews of Scotland Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Scotland travel resource. There are well over 100 distilleries in Scotland, so you can take your pick! If you need urgent, but non-emergency medical advice, you can call 111. Subscribe . Planning a trip to Scotland is a daunting task - especially when it's your first time. It may occupy a small part of the world and have more sheep than people, but Scotland packs a whole lot of punch for travelers. So May and September have traditionally been the wise choices and are my Scotland travel tips for seeing Scotland at its best. Getting advice from someone who's been there is essential and that's why we put together this Scotland travel planner. Scotland Travel guide. TOP TIP: The umbrella is, unfortunately, a fairly useless item here in Scotland, as rain is often accompanied by a strong wind. Four Seasons in a Day, Skye | © Petr Meissner. No discussion of travel tips would be complete without mentioning the unmentionable Scottish midge. Having been adopted as an American expat in Scotland, I try to help my fellow foreigners learn about and fall in love with this vibrant country. Our Road Trip Guide covering all the Must Sees in Scotland! The country has two buzzing cities with Edinburgh and Glasgow. Flights can be very turbulent, as Scotland is notorious for rain, wind and storms and the planes used are small, e.g. Thanks for letting us know, I’ll have to pay Southwest Scotland a visit on my next trip . Antarctica. For example, water levels in fast-flowing burns or rivers can rise rapidly after rain or snow-melt, and tides can turn just as quickly, leaving you stranded on rocks or cut off on a beach surrounded by cliffs. With four international airports, three major ferryports, and superb trans-Britain incoming motorways and trunk roads to choose from,getting to Scotland couldn't be easier. … many lochs that are beautiful, picturesque, pristine, breathtaking… find one of those and rest a while. The Scots are particularly fond of that old saying “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.” You might have days when you get all 4 seasons in a few hours! to get all the highlights of Scotland on a conveniently located island – even standing stones! Scotland. What many people also forget is to bring a sun hat, sunglasses and sun cream — when the sun shines (more often than you may have been told! I learned that having a 10-speed Raleigh went unseen, but a Peugeot bicycle drew insults from every nut and granny! We absolutely loved every day of that trip. Taking your time and enjoying these small moments is a wonderful part of touring around Edinburgh – as long as you do so respectfully. To make the most of your stay you must consider the travel options, including how to get here and once on the Island how to get about. Travel deals. Add to Wishlist. Look up and look down to find hidden gems all around Edinburgh. News. Travel news story • Explore Scotland's new cycle tour takes in whisky, castles and famous poets This means we get ever-changing views, stunning light and remarkable photographic opportunities — but it also means you do not want to be caught without wet weather gear, an extra warm layer or two, hat, gloves and sensible footwear. And you’re so right about the weather, layering up and expectations. Scotland (Scots Gaelic: Alba) is a nation in north-western Europe, the second-largest of the constituent nations of the United Kingdom. No worries, you can still shop locally in Scotland and bring home quality souvenirs to remember your trip. You could begin by locking down dates or mapping out a route, but this list of things to taste, feel, do & see allows you plan a trip around once-in-a-lifetime experiences you must have when traveling to Scotland … There is often a light, refreshing summer breeze — but this can mean you do not feel yourself burning until too late. Travelling the Scottish Highlands is one of the most rewarding experiences you can get. Coronavirus Information & Resources. Sign up now. The guard then informs the driver that the train will need to stop. Scotland, located in the north of the United Kingdom, is a fascinating and atmospheric land. Craig Smith Travel Tips and Advice March 16, 2020 September 25, 2020 Travel Tips A holiday in Scotland can be expensive. If you do visit Skye or drive the NC500, try to visit in the off-season instead of contributing to the tourist overcrowding of peak season. Love your approach to “invisible” travel. Hitchhike: In Scotland, it is relatively easy to thumb a ride. Don’t forget to mention the midges that are abundant when you get near any body of water. Scotland has a lot of water, from deep freshwater lochs through to rivers, burns (a burn is the Scottish word for stream), and many miles of coastline — mainland Scotland alone has over 6000 miles of coast to explore. Get information on Scotland Travel Guide - Expert Picks for your Vacation hotels, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, sightseeing, and activities. There are always exceptions, Troy, and it definitely sounds like you’re one of them I’m glad to hear your large group of tourists were always respectful. By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies. I found that hilarious. Hotels and bars are usually open, but the bars usually operate reduced hours. In the most remote areas, you will drive on single track roads. In many places it can be dangerous to light fires at certain times of year, as the heather moorland can become tinder-dry. Renting a car- There are ways of getting around Scotland without a car, but in my opinion, driving the small land roads are the best way to really see the country. Don't miss our beginner's guide to help you make the most of backpacking in the Scottish Highlands. 14 Must-Visit Historic Towns in Scotland . Like the rest of the UK, people in Scotland drive on the left. These one-lane roads are only wide enough for one car. Explore. Get inspired with Rick Steves’ recommended places to go and things to do, with tips, photos, videos, and travel information on Scotland. Lonely Planet Scotland is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Not one of us 50 tourists ever got out of line or became disrespectful to Scottish people, landscapes, landmarks, accommodations or the like. Read the Fodor's reviews, or post your own. If you will be on one of these islands it is wise to plan ahead for Sundays. A dram is meant to be appreciated, sipped, savoured. Thanks for adding that suggestion!! Start a New Topic. Featured. Saab 340s, Twin Otters and Islanders.. Loganair operates the majority of Scotland's internal flights. Glasgow is a busy and bustling city, home to a youthful population (there is a university... 3. Or if you’d like some more travel ideas and inspiration, here’s all my articles about UK & Europe to get you started. Likewise, if you need to contact the police service but the matter is not urgent or an emergency, call 101. In Edinburgh, Armstrong’s Vintage is a second-hand shop located right in the Grassmarket. This is a good place to start, but also something we all hope we never have to use. Our Scotland Travel Guide includes… Places to stay, things to do and walks in Scotland. This service is predominantly staffed by volunteers and is deployed under the authorisation of the police force. Africa. Sounds like you had an absolute blast in Scotland, Sarah! Places like the Isle of Skye and the Northcoast 500 are experiencing major challenges with their infrastructure due to increased popularity. Layer up, expect poor weather, and then you might be pleasantly surprised if you’re lucky and get some sunshine! Just a Wee Drink. Explore Scotland! The notes you are most likely to encounter are the £5 (pound Sterling), £10 and £20. If you are driving in a rural area, remember that locals are also using those single-track lanes to get to work, so you must drive at regular speeds or allow them to pass. So don’t be surprised when it rains during your vacation. While the prices might be appealing, these souvenirs will not last long. Scotland Travel Guide The ultimate guide to the coolest things to do and see in Scotland. Before posting, please read our Community Guidelines. Want to know how to not look like a tourist? Similarly, numbers of wild boar in Scotland have been increasing since they were accidentally reintroduced. No matter how much family research you have done, please don’t visit Scotland and claim to know more about its history, culture, and politics than a local who actually lives here. On a large coach bus, you will not be able to safely access the more remote and more beautiful places. While I love my Scottish heritage, I’m Australian first and foremost! Moreover, you can park and sleep wherever there is no ban. HINT: keep a daily journal when you’re traveling. Being still might allow the red squirrels or noble stags to comfortably saunter by. There are flights, accommodation each night, meals every day, attraction tickets, and travel between destinations. Scotland travel advice. Boasting one of the largest gay scenes in Scotland, Edinburgh is a vibrant city rich in history, culture and attractions not to be missed. All rights reserved. Make sure to take mosquito cream with you when you go walking. Eating and drinking in Scotland Getting around Scotland: Transportation Tips How to get to Scotland Travel Tips Scotland for planning and on the go Best time to visit Scotland Essentials for any trip to Scotland: daily budgets, currency, family travel and much more practicalities for planning and on the ground. This is especially true when they are near roads, as they may leap across in front of you if panicked. Thanks for your comment , I have friend from Scotland and he always asks me to come and visit him, and visit Scotland and to know his country and enjoy the charming countryside and its beautiful landscapes. Read some of our favourite travellers’ tips below. It is also worth remembering that there may not be mobile phone signal in all the areas you visit. Now you know the common tourist mistakes in Scotland, are you ready to be invisible? 5 SHORT BREAK IDEAS IN THE SCOTTISH LOWLANDS. I may earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase and if you do, thanks for your support! Most of these issues can be avoided by simply being aware of your surroundings and not taking risks. A local traditional herb, bog myrtle, is said to help ward the midge off or, if things are particularly bad, a head net may be needed. Here are 13 such pointers that might come in handy. Here, everyone can browse, save and share tips for better travel. I beg to differ about the bad behavior of tourists on large coach buses. Copyright © 2017-2020 The Invisible Tourist. You can explore Scotland’s stunning scenery and you’ll be regaled with wonderful stories from Scottish lore. They are particularly abundant on the west coast of Scotland, Thanks so much for the tip, Karen! Part of the United Kingdom, Scotland occupies the northern third of Great Britain and shares a border with England in the south.

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