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Stylistic and Literary Devices. Take a quick look at some of the most common literary devices. Owl Eyes is an improved reading and annotating experience for classrooms, book clubs, and literature lovers. 27. I didn't have much to write about regarding stylistic devices for trext d. In general, I talked more about stylistic features rather than naming specific stylistic devices. << /Type /XRef /Length 82 /Filter /FlateDecode /DecodeParms << /Columns 5 /Predictor 12 >> /W [ 1 3 1 ] /Index [ 10 36 ] /Info 27 0 R /Root 12 0 R /Size 46 /Prev 111929 /ID [] >> << /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 4979 >> Used sparingly, hyperbole effectively draws the attention to a message that you want to emphasise. Identify literary devices in the text. Below is a list of literary devices with detailed definition and examples. )���\߇r�\��p�:% �-�d]$�*��pYu( ���T������ h9�^��wkGw�-P�A�5���������3VK�vW���%�C҇���"�*N���/�-ۮ�ov�2Ʊ��!�-|�tQd�&��md+M����?ߤ 6�a��/�fĬl�k.3�6C�GFj�����ʽ|�\_�pH2p���"1�Pr� +��n����PJ�Kf����*>i��BT5���X'lN��� [Uh?���`�� ��a��̦Hl�3re�0��Y�7�� n�I��g����B�)~����Wy6r��`�L���ׯ��$�Q`�1��$��EuJo�:� ȳ ��݋hN\�� �4�i����|{tZ�-�� �CЇeN�XCΆ0MR���KpeI�h_�k������J�$*2;+�6�s���L������v�M}��<2G�TI�H�&E�6�Z�]w�Y�(S Stylistic Devices & Their Effects. ALLUSION - is a direct or indirect reference to a familiar figure, place or event … Also creates mood for e.g. Stylistic Devices 1. Simile. endobj Stylistic Devices / Rhetorical Devices. My Scores. Stylistic Devices. Here are some general tips that I used when analyzing texts for IB English Literature A HL that I hope will help you succeed! So what does ACTS stand for? This site was designed with the .com. ��Kr(W���?¯�_L�B�9śU[R���o��u���~}����u�iEnC�I� It presents five lenses… << /Pages 35 0 R /Type /Catalog >> e@�4� )*�-Pʀ Stylistic Devices are the variety of techniques an author uses to embed additional meaning, to develop ideas, or to insert feeling into his or her writing. a poetic and rhetorical device in which normally unassociated ideas, words, or phrases are placed next to one another, creating an effect of surprise and wit litotes understatement employed for the purpose of enhancing the effect of the ideas … %PDF-1.5 Note: Don't overuse hyperbole, otherwise it may … It unfortunately failed to receive any attention or notice. Now that that’s outta the way, let’s break it down further as to how you use each of these aspects. When employed properly, the different literary devices help readers to appreciate, interpret and analyze a literary work. <>/Font<>/ProcSets[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI]/XObject<>>>/Type/Page>> iRTA�a�B�B� endstream Stylistic Devices & Their Effects. LEARN THE DEFINITIONS AND CLICK ON THE TERMS TO SEE EXAMPLES AND GET A MORE DETAILED EXPLANATION. website builder. All IB programmes value language as central to the development of critical thinking, which is essential for cultivating intercultural understanding and responsible membership in local, national and global communities. %���� STUDY THE FOLLOWING POETIC DEVICES. 4 0 obj By using an analogy we can convey a new idea by using the blueprint of an old one as a basis for understanding. (CyP��6@���Nz�����ӆ-�wqO;�bT����g0Pl��~"��4FSM&lʭ����7�r;���UvZ�7pƽ�U�����w��yƫL�Y����ml'��oռo�I4��-�j^H��G��lT�+/;9�>�Nov�� ���˖��@�&'[�n�DqL�fw� X� 9���3��0�j�s� �c��4�P�x.��t���f8@ ������������Jzr+J�"}V��r{B ��� ���벌Ă�+���"�!2��§�¦��׈�]1gz1��&�R>��؞zg��Be��8�H�. anaphora Repeating the first part of a sentence. Stylistic devices refer to any of a variety of techniques to give an additional and/or supplemental meaning, idea, or feeling. If writing is your passion, you probably already know a dozen or so stylistic devices, but I’m betting there are a few on this list you’ve never heard of. Is there a difference or a similarity between this text and the next one?” Before we get into it, let me just say this. %���� 15 0 obj Oxymoron Two apparently contradictory terms 28. WHEN FINISHED, TRY ONE OF THE QUIZZES THAT CAN BE FOUND AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. IB English A1 Course Companion: International Baccalaureate Diploma Grabs reader’s attention, sort of punctuates words. Her smile is like the sun. endobj )�P�X(�"M> R��*� endobj endobj Alliteration. A figure of speech is any way of saying something other than the ordinary way. In English Paper 1, the thematic route to analyzing requires you to ask the question: “Alright so what’s this text about? It was very brief though so check it out if you like. <> comapring two things; A is like B → similie allusion; metaphor; similie; The stone made a plopping sound as it … 11 0 obj Example: I was so hungry, I could eat an elephant. e@�4� Literary devices help you to understand the text. Jۖ����Ä���� ���/:�`���@�|����s����+Lܟ� �9�̅�y�hI�&p�f�ۀ��G� � G��a�(�fh�����Q8k1%�{l͕/H�۞bL2����p��9P�(�i�+�#*�xL��91|tiw��qG�{BwNy�� ���_��q���� ʣZ�$�$tv C?=@�D̏�Ca�� For text d, I wrote about the formal/professional register, confident(?) ... audiences, purpose, and the use of linguistic and literary devices. Here’s the link. First person. An example might be: The wind danced to the music of the autumn birds as it wound its way through every branch, every tree, and every leaf in the quiet forest. English is an art form. You can add as many PEE paragraphs as you want, so your five-paragraph essay might end up being a seven- or … Templates PDF.pdf. stream 3 0 obj language, and overall stylistic ambiance of the text lol. Aristotle, Cicero, Demetrius, and Quintilian treated style as the proper adornment Nothing starts off a good analysis like a good ol’ fashioned understanding of the parallels and distinctions between two works. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. �"���(�Pp(��d5�*��$*�����BP!M�BʀʢZ� The easiest stylistic device to identify is a simile, signaled by the use of the words "like" or "as".A simile is a comparison used to attract the reader's attention and describe something in descriptive terms. Der folgende Artikel gibt eine Übersicht über die 15 wichtigsten rhetorischen Mittel (Stylistic Devices) für den Englischunterricht.Das beinhaltet zunächst für jedes Stylistic Device eine kurze Definition / Bedeutungserklärung auf Deutsch. %�3"V�SC��"���֧x����k�k%�j��/ W����\�$D��n�b�r�SSv#��t;��9�����(���*,࣐�#Ôm�!�@����׵���!�@��S:]�\²���|-��i#N �T��+��8Ds7r-��ȵ���ϕQ}�s� �6���(4RF�a�z|�0`s@�g���T�e���i�)��]�.Cf���m����>�06 Figurative language is language using figures of speech. Perhaps slyness of the narrator. View Stylistic Devices 3.pdf from MATH 108 at IIT Kanpur. << /Filter /FlateDecode /S 77 /Length 103 >> / I wandered lonely as a cloud. stream if it’s an ‘s’ sound, maybe shows snakelike quantity or hissing. 14 0 obj 5 0 obj … �x����~�3������������{��:Q�$r�o ��l�u�tO(�h^�}y!�9:)#�U���)��.�{Sx� Literary Terms Glossary Source: Druce, Elizabeth, and Hannah Tyson. Figurative language. endobj Alliteration is a series of words or phrases that all (or almost all) start with the same … Step … ȴ��2�aQ.d! Qkxr�7�����o��G�L����K�}�Cu*����6��/��%�'^{s���3�Gg�70U�f��f��p��e[ Some other examples of +�M]|S���7u�M]|S��Ŗ�q��7%)������JIZ�'���ce$�#��d�� ���G���.q�Ye+���9�(��%c�5�ΧK����@ҶX!d{i����>�o� �~_�cBb����. (Wordsworth) Metaphor (Metapher): A comparison between two things which are basically quite differ­ ent without using likeor as. %PDF-1.7 ... IB YouTube Channel. x�cbd`�g`b``8 "���lc0� D2I�H�= 2�7Xd"��L ��@��tɨ$�>��k@�k.�������[����!9�w Stylistic Devices – Hyperbole. The Five Step Formula to IB English literary analysis. endobj View Stylistic Devices 1.pdf from CHEM 453 at IIT Kanpur. First person voice sounds like diary writing. Third … 1 0 obj In order to prepare for Paper 1 and the individual oral commentary, you will want to learn how to analyze various texts. Find full texts with expert analysis in our extensive library. So you have a quote that you want to analyse. <> Literature is a very fun course to undertake and there are some practices one should undertake to ensure that they are able to write marvelous works of art. ... “Supported by an extract from one non-literary text and one from a literary work, students will offer a prepared response of 10 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of questions by the teacher, to the following prompt: ... IB Language and Literature Guide. Paradox A s tatement that appears self-contradictory, but that reveals a kind of truth … I have told you a thousand times. It simply stands for the following:A: Audience and PurposeC: Content and ThemeT: Tone and MoodS: Style and StructureRight. Take a quick look at some of the most common literary devices. endobj ��F�IZ`�P(ƹFá�`��PH���T�Z`�P(8�`(�nζ� 2 0 obj IMAGERY Simile (Vergleich): An explicit comparison between two things which are basically quite different using words such as likeor as. <> Create your website today. Stylistics, study of the devices in languages (such as rhetorical figures and syntactical patterns) that are considered to produce expressive or literary style. Aj�V�=& [���t�L�hZ-�=-*i�.��B�����'�zt���G�~���h)��K��U�K��X�TM�����@%��i�葓���� This lesson introduces you to a method of analysis that we call the 'Big 5'. It’s a way of expression. Review the devices on the screen, then print out the cards and scatter them over a table. Exercises. Also known as figures of speech or rhetorical devices… 13 0 obj <>stream E4*�Ut3��FTэ���`�C!M��q���,���&)��4�`�+�4��HV0�0�*��$*��r��BP!M�BʀJ+kX;i�U�X! She walks like an angel. �B1�$?�W?� {'�Q��|�����2600 W� A Doll's House: Literary Devices Henrik Ibsen's work Henrik Ibsen's reading and writing skills flourished as he got older. stream How much knowledge do you have when it comes to literature devices? You will be able to write an essay that analyzes an author's use of stylistic or rhetorical devices. 10 0 obj All Literary and Stylistics Devices and Their Effects with Examples. i�+�*P��T�2�B�D���U'Qʀ Take up the quiz below and get to find out for sure, so feel free to take the quiz more than once to test your acquired skills. Although the IB board is not specific about how the literary analysis should be structured, this is a sort of simple catch-all for pretty much any literary essay. Ibsen moved to Christiania (Oslo) and wrote his first play 'Catilina'. When reading the texts, it is critical that you pick up on the key features of it. At the heart of the English A: Language and Literature course is textual analysis. Become a Reader Member to unlock in-line analysis of character development, literary devices, themes, and more! What is the author trying to highlight? << /Contents 15 0 R /MediaBox [ 0 0 612 792 ] /Parent 35 0 R /Resources << /ExtGState << /G3 28 0 R /G9 34 0 R >> /Font << /F4 29 0 R /F5 30 0 R /F6 31 0 R /F7 32 0 R /F8 33 0 R >> /ProcSets [ /PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI ] >> /StructParents 0 /Type /Page >> N:�|�:|���*He�����w.F+�_>|����9(�Y> PBg�t���5��l����e�&��b����l#Zx�>����!�pG�2D{�iᲓ.�|?�G�m��Av��%X�Sr9��/�g{�BJ�4]�否����v��l��9QN��Ҹ�A=�`M|tѧ�'~�m\xO�<2������?0�fҷ)-�6c�6'�61�����`�=����������4����(�eK�����KK�l);�Ҥi�G�4L�l��fh���X7 �{Xە����V��? x��]��嶑��8�D� � �i_O�@`f �H���PˑH��Tu$���;�m갸�^Ţ|���2��G������/}��jh���~���N?���ϟy���Ͽ~�����A���� ~�i�*���ҟ|t�){~����ѽm:���"����iΤ�R����)�v||���;)�1�������C� endobj x��]K�$7r�����N�� �Ӓ�kX�e����v�?�&�� �Y�3Um�1�LOT%�K2oFꛂ_��Ꮨ����^~AJ�z��G}��������g[H�C�N�.�7���?������w?��//c��nZ�����S�N��G�_�� �O��G?�7����t�i�~U���S����h �1 ~�{�Y�vY�e��ᭋ�������-NQZE���ʎ��ۧ3�c�N�J]kױ������J��v����F'MԄ_���B6�Y��M�g�(y�a���%�7;�f��'&`�usP��k˗��_@��a圱8,gܙ An analogy is a literary device that helps to establish a relationship based on similarities between two concepts or ideas. Choose the right stylistic device for each example. S ty l i s ti c De v i c e s De fi n i ti o n E ffe c t alliteration Repetition of initial consonant sound. I very briefly mentioned it in a previous post. [nojK)[�Nu�N��JVM���}X�j���+Y5�:V���-��-`+�֊�jVM���#d�+[z���ZVMe�-�4�a����>| �$�VYǪ��U�����=@ڮc�T���N��)Z�×��R�u���_�hn��C`mW�jZu��OSZ��)Z�V�e��լ��_��jxmk��UӪc|�����r�0�5��oV�n�EGo����E�lֲn*�ma�rj����:��2JT�z�)������]��~I�ۘ����5l?�[n�.��N�^��A8c3�{ԫB'���g�鷩��2z��Ķ& f Literary Devices refers to the typical structures used by writers in their works to convey his or her messages in a simple manner to the readers. 12 0 obj Alliteration; Allusion; Anaphora; Antithesis; Hyperbole; Hypophora; Litotes; Metaphor; Metonymy; Narration Technique; Onomatopoeia; Parallelism; Parenthesis; Personification; Points of view; Repetition; Rhetorical Question; Simile; Synecdoche; Understatement A literary device that uses contradictory statements or situations to reveal a reality different from what appears to be true. More. deliberate exaggeration. Style has been an object of study from ancient times. The narrator or speaker refers to himself/herself using first person pronouns “I”, “us”, ... Second person. endobj IB ENGLISH LANGUAGE & LITERATURE GLOSSARY AESTHETICS: the formal study of art and language, especially in relation to the idea Irony A literary device that uses contradictory s tatements or situations to reveal a reality different from what appears to be true. x�c```b``vc`a``o`d�0�$�����a�6�s�y�00p�(�w�>dV��~�I Why? is the use of an object, person, situation, or word to represent something else, like an idea, in literature. ALLITERATION - is the repetition of initial consonant sounds. << /Linearized 1 /L 112255 /H [ 838 182 ] /O 14 /E 94162 /N 5 /T 111928 >> endstream Start studying Stylistic Devices for IB English Language and Literature. Today’s guest post is by Rose Scott: Without figurative language, writing would be plain and shallow.The more stylistic devices you know, the more unique your writing can be. Templates PDF.pdf.

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