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So, we got you covered in case you want to … It is very rich , creamy and delicious dish because koftas stuffed with dryfruits and gravy is made from cashews.It goes well with chapati, naan , poori and parantha . White gravy malai kofta Kofta is a family of meatball or meatloaf dishes found in the Indian subcontinent, South Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Balkan, and Central Asian cuisines. I still remember those days, when we went to restaurants, she used to order butter Naan and malai Kofta most of the times. पनीर - 1/2 कप ,कद्दूकस किया (100 ग्राम) In the simplest form, koftas consist of balls of minced or ground meat—usually beef, chicken, lamb, or … basic white gravy is one of the mother gravies of Indian cuisine. ¼ cup cream or malai 1 tbsp ginger garlic paste. Cut cashews and raisins finely, add crushed cardamom to it. ¼ cup fresh curd. Think of Malai Kofta and chances are that you will recall the rich taste of the creamy mughlai gravy and the soft and tender kofta that just melt in your mouth. Make Gravy – How to Make White Gravy for Malai Kofta Curry. All Rights Reserved. At some places, the Malai Kofta with white gravy is available and at some places, it’s the one with red gravy. Before making paste soak cashew nuts and muskmelon seeds in warm water for ½ hour or in normal water for 2 hours then finely grind the soaked cashew nuts and muskmelon seeds. . Or this white gravy recipe for malai kofta I shared here is good one too. Now cool the mixture and grind in a mixing jar. keep stirring in between. Rich creamy gravy creates so much addiction. This dish is best served hot, accompanied by either a naan or Roti or laccha paratha. Take one ball and stuff with cashew and raisin filling and make nice round balls. Also contains onion, ginger & garlic. malai kofta in white gravy recipe / restaurant style malai kofta recipe in hindi / how to make malai kofta / मलाई कोफ्ता दो तरह की ग्रेवी में बनाये जाते हैं एक लाल और … First, make a paste from cashew and melon seeds, soak cashew and melon seeds in hot water for half an hour or soak in plain water for 2 hours to make a paste, soaked cashew nuts to make a paste and Finely grind the melon seeds. आवश्यक सामग्री - Ingredients for Malai Kofta Curry. 10 -12 raisins. No onion no garlic recipe of Malai Kofta. Malai kofta is my sister’s favorite dish. Powered by WordPress, काजू 10-12 पानी में भिगों कर पेस्ट बना लें, पनीर को कद्दूकस कर लें | कद्दूकस किया हुआ थोड़ा पनीर सजावट के लिये अलग रख लें |, कोफ्तों में भरने के लिये काजू के छोटे- छोटे टुकड़े कर लीजिये तथा हरी मिर्च बारीक काट लीजिये |, हरी मिर्च, काली मिर्च तथा अदरक का पेस्ट बना लें |, अब कद्दूकस किया हुआ पनीर, आलू तथा कोर्नफ्लोर मिलाकर आटे की तरह 5-7 मिनट तक गूंथ लें ताकि मुलायम, एकसार मिश्रण तैयार हो जाये |, जितने बड़े कोफ्ते तैयार करने हैं मिश्रण से उतने ही बड़े – बड़े गोले बना लें.|, प्रत्येक गोले मे 2 किशमिश, 2-3 काजू के टुकड़े तथा 2-3 हरी मिर्च के टुकड़े भरकर कोफ्ते तैयार कर लीजिये |, चूंकि हम तीखापन लाने के लिये लाल मिर्च पाउडर का प्रयोग नहीं कर रहे हैं इसलिये मैंने कोफ्तों में हरी मिर्च के टुकड़े भर दिये हैं |, कड़ाही में तेल डाल कर गरम कीजिये | तेल गर्म हो जाने पर आंच मध्यम कर दीजिये| एक-एक करके सावधानी पूर्वक 5-6 कोफ्ते डालिये और धीरे- धीरे चलाते हुए कोफ्तों को सुनहरा तल लीजिये |, कोफ्तों को तलते समय अतयंत सावधानी बरतनी होगी अन्यथा टूट सकते हैं |, कोफ्तों को तलने के बाद बाकी बचे तेल को निकाल दें और कड़ाही में लगभग 3 टेबल स्पून तेल रहने दें |, तेल में तेजपत्ता और शाही जीरा डालें| उबले प्याज का पेस्ट डालें | कुछ देर तक भुनें |, आंच बंद करके दही डालें | दही मिक्स करके गैस ऑन कर दें और धीमी आंच पर भुनें|, कुछ देर भुनने के बाद इसमें खोया, काजू पेस्ट तथा हरी मिर्च, काली मिर्च तथा अदरक का पेस्ट और गरम मसाला डाल दें |, मसाले कुछ देर तक भुनें जब तक कि मसाले कड़ाही के किनारों से तेल ना छोड़ने लगे|, अब इसमें पानी और नमक डालकर आंच तेज कर दें | उबाल आने पर आंच धीमी कर दें |, 2-3 मिनट उबलने दें फिर कोफ्ते डालकर आंच से उतार लें |, Malai Kofta/ मलाई कोफ्ता तैयार है | कद्दूकस, Arbi ke patte ke Pakode (colocasia leaf’s snacks) », Welcome to “Maakirasoise.com” Here you will find recipes in desi style. Heat oil and butter in the pan and add big and small cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and fry for some time then add ginger garlic paste and green chilles and fry for few seconds. Add bay leaf, cinnamon and cardamoms (all spices are optional here). 200 gms paneer. 3-4 small cardamom. For gravy. Basically it is meatless and vegetarian. This paneer kofta is creamy, rich, and luxurious-paneer koftas dunked in a heavenly, white based gravy! 12-15 cashew nuts. Ingredients: For white gravy Onion: 2 Cashew nuts: 160 gms Garlic: 12 gms Ginger: 12 gms Oil: 20 ml Mawa or khoya: 40 ml Green cardamoms: 2 gms Green chillies: 2 gms Methi leaves powder: 2 gms Salt to taste Pepper white to taste For sous vide paneer tikka roulade Paneer steaks: 30 gms Malai tikka marination: 8 gms white gravy is mainly made of onions, cashew nuts, melon seeds, garlic, curds, fresh cream and ginger . Malai Kofta in White Gravy. Peel and grate boiled potatoes and paneer, add salt half of the cornflour and knead like dough. Combined with mixed vegetables, paneer, koftas or soya chunks, white gravy can be used to whip up delectable recipes such as hariyali koftas. Method (How to make restaurant style white gravy malai kofta curry at home). Next add cream and curd in it, mix well and cook for 2-3 mins, while stir continuously. How to make it in a Tomato Gravy? Malai Kofta Easy Recipe: Varieties, and How to Make. Cook on medium flame for 2 minutes and add curd. Malai Kofta in white gravy February 9, 2019 February 9, 2019 Love Cook Serve Malai Koftas is a sabji (gravy) made with Koftas (deep fried dumplings stuffed with cottage cheese and dry fruits) dipped in rich Mughlai curry with cashews, onion and cream as prime ingredients. Here is how to make it. The best part of this recipe, just skip making the gravy and you can serve these kofta as a snack also with the dip of your choice. Melt in mouth dumplings made of potato and paneer cooked in very smooth and flavourful gravy, which is so creamy and delish is malai kofta in white gravy. Click http://nishamadhulika.com/705-malai-kofta-in-a-white-creamy-gravy.html - to read Malai Kofta recipe in Hindi. MALAI KOFTA. Here, the gravy … for Kofta. Broadly speaking, there are three types of Malai Kofta recipes. https://plus.google.com/115966935324836488826. Mix yogurt, cream, salt, black pepper, sugar and kasoori methi. 2 boiled potatoes. Heat a pan with oil or butter. All content on this site are copyright. Or you can also place the gravy first on the serving plate, drizzle with cream and place koftas on top. In a kadai add 2 tbsp oil and onion paste with ginger garlic paste. Cut the onions into pieces, and boil the onion and cashew nuts together. After cooking and cool down completely make the fine puree. So you can take your pick. 2 large sized onions. May 20, 2017 - This Restaurant Style Malai Kofta in white gravy is rich and creamy curry that is easy to make at home. Ingredients . ¼ cup mawa. If you like melt in mouth koftas, it's also a good idea to let the koftas simmer in the gravy for 2 minutes before serving. To serve place koftas on plate and top with the gravy. Paneer kofta | paneer malai kofta in white gravy recipe with step-by-step pictures. Read: Malai Kofta in White Creamy Gravy Recipe in English. Do you know how to make creamy white malai kofta? Oil to fry. 6-7 cashew nuts. Ingredients in Malai Kofta Recipe: Small, round and crispy koftas with a gorgeous dry fruit filling are soaked in a flavourful tomato, creamy gravy to give you the perfect meal. This recipe gets completed in two steps, first is frying the Malai Kofta and later making a rich gravy of cashew and tomatoes. Copyright © 2020 VegFoodRecipe.com. Heat the oil for frying and roll the koftas in the remaining cornflour and put it in the oil and fry till golden brown from all sides. … … Serve the malai kofta 1. Log on to. Add the onion and cashew paste and cook for 2-3 minutes. How to make white Gravy for Malai Kofta Curry Firstly make paste of cashew nuts and muskmelon seeds. Make small lemon size balls. to take. Garnish with cream and cilantro. Copying and Publishing them in software,books,magzine and any other kind of digital media is punishable crime. For preparing gravy - Heat oil/butter in a pan add cumin seeds when they cracks add prepared white paste, stir and cook for 3-4 mins on low to medium heat till it thickens. Have tried both white and red gravy, but white gravy is my personal choice. The tasty and simple malai kofta white cream is delicious curry for lunch and dinner. Malai kofta is a classic North indian dish. White gravy, this curd-based gravy is prominent in North Indian cuisine. Malai Kofta Recipe with tomato-based gravy. Well, this is what you experience normally in a restaurant. Salt to taste. Your email address will not be published. Boil 2 cups of water and add sliced onion, green chilli and cashews.Add salt and boil for 5 minutes. Malai Kofta , yet another Punjabidelicacy made with Paneerof North Indian Cuisine. Malai Kofta/ मलाई कोफ्ता जो काफी रिच तथा स्वादिष्ट होती है | फ्रेश क्रीम, दही तथा काजू आदि से तैयार की गयी ग्रेवी में पनीर के कोफ्ते |इसे बना 2 tablespoons corn flour. Malai Kofta recipe with white gravy. Put some onions, green chilli, star anise, ginger, cinnamon, bay leaf, cashews, and water in a … A perfect indulgent dish for special occasions! If you are looking to re-create the same magical taste at … Generally, malai kofta in white gravy is ordered at the restaurant as it appears to be tricky to make it at home, but with this recipe this will be a frequent preparation at your place. Anyway, the Malai Kofta is one of the most common Indian Cuisines you will find in a North Indian Restaurants. How to make restaurant style white gravy malai kofta curry at home). कोफ्ते के लिये - for Malai Kofta. The one with the Tomato Gravy is a Punjabi version of Malai Kofta. Healthy malai kofta in a creamy white gravy without cream Make melt in the mouth stuffed kofta cooked in appe pan and then dunk them in a healthy creamy white … Malai Kofta recipe in white gravy is a popular North Indian dish consisting of paneer balls in creamy gravy.

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