do spayed cats still go into heat

Once spayed, your cat will not go into heat and she will not produce the pheremones that attract males to her. She has never stopped going in and out of heat since then. And certain breeds—like Siamese—may go into heat as early as 4 months, while for other breeds 10 months old is a more typical age for going into heat. If you do have a cat experiencing the signs of estrus after being spayed, the advice is to have the exploratory surgery done when the cat is exhibiting signs of estrus, if possible. It can even become agressive towards the owner. My cat Mia is about 1 year old. Spayed cats do not go into heat, I have two female spayed cats. If your female cat is spayed, she no longer will go into heat. (I think its called Spaying for girls, neuter is for boys) anyways, will she still go into heat? She might have a condition known as ovarian remnant syndrome. the only other way to tell if she has been spayed is to check her stomach and see if there is a surgical scar. she shouldnt be going into heat. But certain environmental factors can cause it to happen more quickly. Usually what we have is that there is some ovarian tissue outside the ovary itself, somewhere in the abdomen, that’s not easily seen, that is still functioning ovarian tissue making the hormones and so the cat can come into heat, even after she’s had her spay surgery. Cats can also gain weight after they have been spayed. IF this happens, your vet should re-do the surgery at no charge Does a spayed female cat still come into heat? Cat owners already know that these pets have a very particular character that can hardly be compared to any other. The ovarian tissue will be easier to find then because the developing egg makes it larger. My spayed female cat still goes into heat. she is … As is the case with female cats, male cats spayed later also will demonstrate aggressive behavior like scent marking instinctively. Occasionally, after a dog has been spayed, she will appear to go back into heat, as soon as weeks later or as long as years later. Male cats do not go into heat. When the cat already knows the feeling of heat, it will realise something is not right after being spayed. We’ve had her since she was born and therefore we are 100% positive that she was spayed since we took her to get the operation done ourselves. Calming the cat down is hard, and more importantly, it's only temporary. Cat estrus begins as animals reach sexual maturity, usually at about six months of age, although some cats will go into heat as early as four months and others as late as 10 to 12 months. i cannot seem to locate my cats nipples. i had her spayed last week. I know it has something to do with blood flow. We are getting my cat spayed today. My two-year-old female cat was spayed fourteen months ago on Dec. 19, 2006. This includes all aspects of their behaviour, including heat, when the time comes that they are ready to mate with a cat nearby and when they are pregnant. She started going through the heat cycle around 8 months old and now she will go through it just about every other week. In the Northern hemisphere, this falls from mid-January to mid-October. Each heat usually lasts several days, but it can be as short as one day, and as long as a week. If the cat is still in heat after the spay because the hormones have not yet left her system I suppose she might accept a mate but I doubt it. Signs Duncan Di Saudelli: 4/26/10 3:21 PM : x-posted to alt.pets.cats,, (follow-ups set to Hello. If heats do recur, it is likely that a small portion of the ovary is still in the abdomen and is causing your kitty go into heat. Female cats particularly suffer from spraying more than male counterparts. I had a cat that had a third ovary that made her go into heat over and over after her spay. I need some help. My spayed cat still goes into heat? If this happens, talk to your vet. Usually, this involves howls, screeches, writhing, and attempts to attract or run away with male cats. Why do vets like to wait until they are out of heat to spay? So she still has enough hormones to go into heat but all the important bits are gone so she can't actually get pregnant. If your dog has ovarian remnant syndrome, you may not notice it right away since your dog's heat cycles may not begin until months or even years after the surgery has taken place. They yowl loudly and continuously. Is There a Breeding Season? do cats still have nipples if they get spayed before they go into heat? Excellent question, I hadn't given this much thought so i have checked with a vet friend of mine. My cat has been in heat for a lonngg time now. Female cats who aren't spayed go into heat quite often. If you spay cat while in heat, she may still finish her heat cycle after the surgery. Assuming that your dog was genuinely spayed and there wasn't a mix-up at the surgery, the phenomenon is usually ovarian remnant syndrome. So spaying is always a risk. Ruby W., Vallejo. Cat spraying is among the most common problem in the feline family. Does a female cat still go in heat even when she is spayed? her howling and screaming is driving me nuts...i thought spaying would cure this. It was so small that she (and other vets I've consulted since then) all agree that there is no point in doing another surgery to try and recover that piece since it will be nearly impossible to find something so small. It can happen when it was spayed too late. If your cat is in heat and seeking a mate she will expend a lot of energy. Also, if you’ve ever been around a cat in heat, you know it’s miserable for people. A question demonstrating rather a lot of ignorance - sorry - but in the case of neutered males in some … They go into heat seasonally, spring and fall, and may go into heat several times during the season. my older momma kat was spayed and doesnt' go into heat anymore. In fact, it tops in the list of why people surrender their kitties. Do female cats, who have not been spayed, go through a type of menopause? I have a spayed female Shih Tzu and this is my first female dog I have ever had. They want to get out. She cannot do so as she no longer has her ovaries and uterus. It may become less and less but he tells me he has known cats of 15 to still go into heat. she was fixed when she was 3 months old. Cat is spayed but still going into heat? The number of daylight hours typically has the largest impact on when cats will reach sexual maturity. She believes that cat is behaving as if she is “in heat,” but since Alice was spayed when she was 5 months old, she deems that unlikely. When your pet is spayed, the entire reproductive tract (including both ovaries and the uterus) is surgically removed. The answer is no. Therefore, your spayed cat no longer has ovaries, produces estrogen, or goes into heat. We like to take her over to my parents house and they have 3 male unneutered dogs. Usually when a spayed cat goes into heat again, it's because just a tiny bit of ovarian tissue got missed. Male cats will fight over a female and the winner gets the chance to mate. DEAR RUBY: Cats do … She will display all the usual behavioral signs, as well as the physical ones, such as bleeding and swelling of the vulva. You can call the clinic to see if their vet can have a poke around to see if they can find the missed ovarian tissue. What Are the Signs of a Cat in Heat? How long do they continue to go in heat? Does a spayed female cat still come into heat? Do spayed cats go into heat again? An un-spayed female cat will go into heat, meaning she's ready to mate, every three to four weeks. Once aroused they will actively seek the female. In fact, many owners spay their cats to eliminate the annoying heat cycle behavior as well as eliminate the … It really alters their behavior. Usually they are fine with her but the last two weeks they have been all up in her business and trying to hump her and they basically act like she is in heat. After she was spayed about 6 years ago, my vet told me that a teeny piece of ovary broke off and she couldn't find it. If your pooch has been spayed yet seems to go into heat, don't assume you're going batty. Cats normally go into heat when there are 14-16 hours of daylight (natural or artificial). but in my opinion she was not spayed, when a cat is spayed everything is taken out, so there really isnt a incorrect way to spay a cat. When Do Cats Go Into Heat? how long will this continue? Occasionally, a cat who has been spayed will come back into season (heat) weeks to months (even up to 5 years later) after it has been desexed. a cat that is spayed can not go into heat. I know this is an old post, it popped up in my search, I got my cat spayed when she was 3 yrs old, she had just started a heat cycle when she was spayed, they said she'd go into at least 1 more until all the hormones are gone, since the operation itself doesn't actually remove the hormones. Your help with this is so appreciated. If your household hosts a neutered male cat and an unfixed female cat, instead of worrying about any potential future attraction, consider getting your girl spayed. Female cats do not go into heat because my cousin has 3 spayed cats However-there are rare occassions where a piece of ovary tissue can be left behind and cycles may continue. First, let’s define “in heat.” In an unspayed cat, the ovaries produce a number of hormones, including estrogen. They are aroused when they smell the vaginal and urinal secretions that a female cat sprays when she is in heat. As for the heat, some cats have been known to have a ‘false heat’ after surgery. She would also spend more energy when pregnant or feeding her kittens. But, correctly spayed cats should not once again go into heat after her cycle ends. Cats can go into heat very early. Once a cat is fixed (spayed) she does not continue to go in to heat. Your question was – If a female cat gets fixed does it still go into heat? Ovarian remnant syndrome is caused when bits of ovarian tissue are left behind during the spay surgery. “After cats get spayed, can they still have heat symptoms?” Yes, in rare cases that can sometimes happen. Most female cats will go into heat by 6 months of age. Showing 1-8 of 8 messages. Even after getting her spayed, she … They can have a litter at six months of age, and they can have three litters a year. When a female dog is spayed at a veterinary clinic, her reproductive organs are extracted -- specifically her ovaries and uterus. This tissue continues to release hormones, prompting a spayed dog to still go into heat every six-to-eight months. He/she may recommend exploratory surgery to find the remaining tissue. Spayed cat spraying everywhere. However, only one false heat is normal. What to expect when your cat is in heat. Spayed cats don't expend this energy, and so can more easily gain weight. What can I do? Spaying and No More Heat. Hello reddit world. It is this estrogen that triggers the cat to go into heat. he tells me that cats do not go through a menopause like humans so they can continue to go into heat into old age. 1 decade ago recently had my cat spayed...why does she still go into heat??

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