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(SOC 422), Women in Developing Countries (3 Crs) Earn your Penn State degree online. (EME 807), Alternative Assessment of National Educational and Health Policies (3 Crs) (MGMT 425/IST 425/ENGR 425), Invention Commercialization (3 Crs) (PL SC 563), Intercultural Communication Theory and Research (3 Crs) With more than 60 faculty members, 330 graduate students, and 800 undergraduate students, the Penn State Department of Mechanical Engineering embraces a culture that welcomes individuals with a diversity of backgrounds and expertise. (GEOG 571), Introduction to Electicity Markets  (3 Cr)  (HIST 541), War in World Politics (3 Crs) (CMLIT 501), Comparative Politics: Theory and Methodology (3 Crs) Download 2020-2021 Dickinson Law … (PL SC 467), Introduction to Econometrics (3 Crs) (ECON 472), Transnational Corporations and Other Organizations in International Relations (3 Crs) (STAT 504), Analysis of Variance and Design of Experiments (3 Crs) (PL SC 490), Political Communication and Media (3 Crs) (EXPR 936), The Supreme Court in Comparative Perspective (3 Crs) Department Electives Undergradate AE students, download the undergraduate electives worksheet to the right for assistance in scheduling courses according to your option area. Students interested in the Capstone option should speak with the Director of Career Services. Here are some of the coolest courses that you can take as a Penn State student: 1. (ENVR 988), Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Design (3 Crs) (ENTR 571), Business Marketing (2 Crs) MUST TAKE MKTG 521 BEFORE 533  (PL SC 442), Archaeology of the Near East (3 Crs) (PL SC 474), Classical Islamic Civilization: 600 - 1258 (3 Crs) (CI ED 508), Introduction to Comparative and International Education (3 Crs)   degree if the student has participated in the The Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship (HESE) program. (GEOG 485), Global Change and Sustainability � Bulgaria (3 Crs) You will need to plan ahead because many of these courses have prerequisites or controls. (SPAN 476), Migration, Urbanization, and Policy in the Developing World (3 Crs) (PL SC 597), Ethics, Justice, and Rights in World Literature (3 Crs) (CI ED 541), Curriculum, Culture and Child Development (3 Crs) (CI ED 500), Comparative Higher Education (3 Crs) (SOC 457 / ANTH 457 / J ST 457), Jewish Studies (3 Crs) (IST 504), Globalization Trends and World Issues (3 Crs) (E B F 401), Technologies for Sustainability Systems (3 Crs)    The M.B.A. program at Penn State Harrisburg offers tracks in seven areas: For information specific to the SIA community, visit sia.psu.edu/back-to-state. (LER 437), World Population Diversity (3 Crs) (SOC 430), Forces in Contemporary Literature (3 - 6 Crs) (ECON 471), Health Disparities (3 Crs) (IST 445H), Information Security Management (3 Crs) PSU Electives. (GEOG 422W), Human Dimensions of Global Warming (3 Crs)  (HIST 474 / JAPSN 426 / ASIA 474), Environment and Livelihoods in Africa (3 Crs) (ULWR 949), Constitutional Law of Religion (3 Crs) (J ST 420), Seminar in Asian Studies (3 Crs) (ECON 433), African Feminism (3 Crs) All students must take at least 6 credits of elective courses. (AYFCE 438), Power, Conflict and Community Decision Making (3 Crs)  (CMLIT 448), Literary Cultures of Islam (3 Crs) (CI ED 564), Validity of Assessment Outcomes (3 Crs)  (IST 815), Foundations of Theory and Methods of Information Sciences (3 Crs) (GEOG 431), Geospatial Information Management (3 Crs) (SOC 523), Politics of the European Union (3 Crs) (ULWR 968), International Litigation and Arbitration (3 Crs) (LWPER 947), National Security Law II (Crisis Simulation) (3 Crs) AGECO 121 (GN) Plant Stress: It’s Not Easy Being Green *ANTH 021 (GN) Introductory Biological Anthropology; ANTH 022 (GN) Humans as … Lewis Katz Building, University Park, PA 16801,   Ph.D student in African-American and Africa Studies, Michigan State University, Integrated Undergraduate - Graduate (IUG) Programs, External Scholarship and Fellowship Database, Integrated Undergraduate-Graduate (IUG) Programs. (PL SC 418), International Relations of the Middle East (3 Crs) (R SOC 517), Introduction to Petroleum and Natural Gas Extraction (1 Cr)  (I B 460), International Development in African Context (3 Crs) (GEOG 430), Intelligence Analysis, Cultural Geography, and Homeland Security (3 Crs)    Department of Electrical Engineering. (MGMT 402), New Product Development (2 Crs) (PL SC 461), The Contemporary Middle East (3 Crs) Specific criteria must be met in order for a medical student at another medical sch… (HIST 420), History of Chinese Thought (3 Crs) (STAT 415), Introduction to Probability Theory (3 Crs) (STAT 502), Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis (3 Crs) (MGMT 426), Multinational Financial Management (3 Crs) (CED 425), International Development, Renewable Resources, and the Environment (3 Crs) (PORT496A), Workplace Dispute Resolution (3 Crs) (PL SC 439), The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union (3 Crs) (CI ED 555), Energy and Modern Society  (3 Crs) (MKTG 542), Property Rights in a Global Economy (3 Crs) AGECO 134: Sustainable Agriculture Science and Policy (counts as GN/GS-Interdomain) (PL SC 444 ), Government and Politics of Africa (3 Crs) (ENGR 495I), Global Food Strategies: Problems and Prospects for Reducing World Hunger (3 Crs) Learn more about our online undergraduate and graduate programs. (SOC 526 / H P A 526), History of Central Europe, 1871 - Present (3 Crs) (CI ED 401), Introduction to Distance Education (3 Crs)   (EXPR 972), Multinational Corporations (3 Crs) (ASIA 405Y), Business and Government Relations (3 Crs) (ADTED 470/CI ED 470), Issues in Literacy Education (3 Crs)  (ULWR 941). (CI ED 504), Policy Studies in Lifelong Learning (3 Crs) (SOC 419), Science, Technology, and Public Policy (3 Crs) (CONLW 958), Comparative Constitutional Law Seminar (3 Crs) (PL SC 597D), Parties and Interests Groups (3 Crs) (PSY 523), Sociology of Migration (3 Crs) (ECON 413), Economics of Energy and Energy Security (3 Crs) (SRA 433), Foundations of Information Security and Assurance (3 Crs; online course; technical skills required) Download 2020-2021 Penn State Law Bulletin PDF. (R SOC 508), Water Economics and Policy (3 Crs)  (CMLIT 406), Analysis of Discrete Data (3 Crs) Department of Computer Science and Engineering. (CMLIT 580), Cultures of Globalization (3 Crs) The department is built upon the fundamentals of academic integrity, innovation in research, and commitment to the advancement of industry. (STAT 462), Introduction to Mathematical Statistics (3 Crs) Learn more Cosmic Tango. The technical electives are energy-related courses outside the major that are offered by various colleges across Penn State. (MGMT 461), Introduction to Entrepreneurship (3 Crs) (COMM 407A), Perspectives on American Journalism (3 Crs) (CMLIT 522), Comparative Seminar in African Literature (1 - 12 Crs) (PL SC 424), Topics in Political Methodology (3 Crs) Technical Electives Course Descriptions. (S T S 430), International Construction Management and Planning (3 Crs) (GEOG 432/EME 432), Foundations in Sustainability Systems (3 Crs)   (STAT 414), Asylum and Refugee Law (2 Crs) (CMLIT 449), Literary Modes of Asia (3 Crs) (R SOC 525), Fishery Management  (3 Crs)  (COMM 410), International Reporting (3 Crs) (COMM 505), International and Intercultural Strategic Communication (3 Crs) [At Penn State, you can now access class notes within 24 hours of the lecture] 1. (COMM 402), International Telecommunications and Trade Policy (3 Crs) (ENGR 451). There were very real lessons and experiences in my classes at SIA that laid the groundwork for the scholarship I'm doing now.

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